We operate from a filmmaker’s perspective. We know what’s important to you and we deliver results.

Films are stories.

We know your story. It started with an idea, which developed into a treatment, then a script. And then the script changed….a thousand times. With each script note, with every “no” you heard, with every penny that was spent, a piece of you went into this film. Now, you have not only a film, but an extension of yourself. It’ll not only end up being a story that you wanted to tell, but also a payday every time someone buys or rents your film, and more importantly, a legacy of yours that will live on into the future, well after all of us are gone. This…is…important. Don’t trust your film to someone who promises you results, but can’t deliver. Or, worse yet, someone who promises you results and they won’t deliver.

Our story is rooted in one filmmaker’s search for distribution.

We started out just like you, having made a film. As a matter of fact, we were in the same position you’re in right now….looking for distribution, hoping for a distributor that would offer a theatrical release, have a wide array of VOD platforms, market the film as they promised, get us reviews, a firm that had a history of measurable success and a library of films that were good, that would be transparent with the film’s income and expenses, and would actually pay us.Sound familiar? You’re probably looking for a lot of these same thigs. Guess what? It didn’t
exist….until now. Not one distribution company we spoke with in the entire process could check every one of these boxes for us. It’s the reason we created this company, and the reason we named it Artist Rights Distribution.

Our targeted, sales-driven digital marketing strategy, will do more in terms of transactional sales for your film than any other distributor can, because we will be advertising to transactional buyers directly. Other distributors simply don’t engage in this type of digital marketing. Their marketing does not drive transactional sales.

Additionally, we believe that our theatrical model, our reporting of the box office data, the marketing and PR campaign, critical reviews and the associated exposure will give your film the best chance for the highest licensing deals on SVOD platforms.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you, we’d love to hear from you.